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#TREES is a holistic seal that works as a seal of seals, condensing different certifications that already exist and that are related to the following values:

#Transparency     #Responsability   #Ethics     #Equity     #Sustainability



#TREES is a seal that recognizes and makes visible the good practices and expertise of companies, projects and institutions.  


Nowadays there are different seals that serve to guarantee that the acquired product was manufactured under specific conditions of respect for the environment, ecology, social and labour rights, and fair trade, among others. Each one refers to a concrete ethical value and is awarded by different certifying bodies (public-private /national-international). Also, they are regulated by different legislation. #TREES aims to condense all these different seals under joint, global and integral patterns, following the ideals of the economy of the common good.

#TREES is conceived as a long term commitment by companies, as it will make visible which of these values they possess 



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